Filter Felt

Filter Felts

filter felt We are the manufacturer and business person of Filter Felts. Our product has been procured from a reliable merchandiser base and has been checked extensively for assurance of quality. Filter Felts are merely a filter that utilizes felt because the primary material for the filtration action. Felt may be a perfect kind material that’s produced by compressing, matting and pressing fibers. Felt may be factory-made soft, medium or course texture and difficult enough to create construction materials. Felt may be artificial  any color, and fashioned or fictitious into any form or size. Felt has terribly tenuity, weight and sensible porousness, sensible fluid flow capability or rates and may capture massive amounts of dust. Filters are used for high temperature, air and liquid filtration.

Shades Available : White

Fiber : Polyester

Fabric GSM : 140-1020

Widths (Mtrs.) : 1.52, 1.66, 2.00

Thickness (mm) : 1-30 mm